Photo on 7-10-21 at 1.56 PMGreetings! I am Michelann Quimby, and I am an award-winning university instructor, curriculum designer, cyberpsychology researcher, and consultant.

I hold a PhD in Human Development from Fielding Graduate University and a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and Ethics from St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas. I also hold a Master’s degree in Music Performance from San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

My area of concentration is cyberpsychology, or the ways in which new digital media affect human and social development. I am interested in research on the internet and public policy. Social norms on the internet are constantly evolving, but governance is inconsistent worldwide. I believe legislation must protect victims of cyber hate crimes, but not inhibit open communication, emerging economies,  and sharing of information.

My research addresses the potentially adaptive role of ego defense mechanisms in aggressive online discourse. I am also deeply interested in refining the ways in which sociological research on the internet is conducted. Much existing research assumes that face-to-face explanations translate directly to online behavior, in spite of entirely different social and structural systems. My concentration on systems theory in my graduate work influences the way I examine norms, ethics, and structures in my research.

I have academic publications in the area of organizational leadership and ethics, cyberpsychology, and trauma informed pedagogy as well as industry organizational development publications. I speak publicly in my community on the topics of internet ethics and safety, leadership and ethics, and employee engagement. I also consult on these topics.

I have been a college instructor since 2011. My students are a highly diverse population, ranging widely in age, cultural background, economic background, career, and previous education. I engage with my students at all levels, whether they need basic academic writing and critical reading skills, or are advanced writers and scholars in need of greater challenges. My teaching style is influenced by Critical Pedagogy, Trauma Informed Pedagogy, and Transformative Learning principals, but I also  use online and blended learning modalities, which I believe greatly enhance learning when used consistently and effectively.  This blend of transformative learning and online learning techniques is a secondary field of research for me.